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Renee Lockwood, PhD

MSc (Coaching Psychology)

BA (Hons.)

Dr Renee Lockwood has spent over fifteen years in research, training, and facilitation. A leader in communication, she is passionate about working with people to help them gain clarity and build effective pathways forward. 


Having received her doctorate from the University of Sydney, she is dedicated to evidence-based practice and her work is grounded in robust theoretical models. This brings with it the peace of mind necessary for clients looking to engage a professional and thoughtful coach within a largely unregulated industry. Having undertaken a Master of Science (Coaching Psychology) at the University of Sydney, she is equipped with the most effective tools and techniques necessary to help individuals and organisations achieve their desired outcomes.

Renee is a prolific author. She has taught at various tertiary institutions and presented at conferences internationally. She has published widely in a cross-disciplinary capacity, and can be found in numerous international journals, edited books, and monographs. 


At a major crossroads in my professional life, Renee helped me to identify new pathways and clarify which one was right for me. While she challenged me to examine some tightly held beliefs about what I should be doing, she also helped build the confidence I needed in order to move in new and exciting directions.


Senior Manager in Tertiary Education



Renee offered her services at a time I really needed it. I was struggling with a few different areas in my life, and Renee helped me figure out what my priorities were, helped me strategise and set up some small goals that didn’t overwhelm me, and followed up with support to keep me on track.


The best thing about it was that I was shown how to do these things for myself. Renee never told me what to do, but helped me articulate what I wanted and what was important to me. She drew on her knowledge of current  research  and helped me apply it in practical, daily ways.


I now have the techniques I need to keep myself on the best path for me, and to get back on the path when I fall.


Musician and Performer


Renee really helped me to focus on the link between my actions and my goals. It's very easy in normal therapy to get caught up in the past and all the stories of why things are the way they are or why you do or don't have the things you want. But Renee helped me see how I could take measurable steps to reach specific goals.


I loved the way Renee was always willing to let the sessions go to places I wanted them to, and was insightful enough to pick up on the fact that for a while there I was saying what I thought I " should " work on rather than what I actually wanted to work on.

She caused magic ... I'm sure it.


Senior Student Coordinator

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