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Coaching is a collaborative process, designed to help individuals attain valued developmental outcomes. The purpose of coaching is to increase human flourishing and well-being.


Coaching differs from therapy, in that it does not deal with the treatment of clinical pathologies. It is solutions-focussed - grounded in the active process of positive change, rather than the lengthy analysis of past events. 


Nevertheless, coaches who have undertaken tertiary-level psychology qualifications are trained in helping clients to identify their habitual scripts and behaviours. In doing so, we are able to help our clients uncover insights into their motivations and drives, and help them to build positive pathways forward.


Qualified coaches have the capacity to challenge particular behaviours and modes of thinking, and do so in a safe and compassionate environment. We have developed the skills of critical thinking, empathic listening, and the ability to forge meaningful coaching partnerships. 


Coaching sessions are designed to help individuals

  • Clarify personal direction

  • Identify meaning and purpose

  • Create and achieve personal goals

  • Enhance performance

  • Build perspective and self-insight

  • Flourish during times of change

  • Improve relationships and communication

  • Develop self-regulation.

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