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Developmental and Leadership Coaching

Developmental coaching aims to broaden perspectives, opening up new ways of viewing and interacting with the world. Building the skills of self-reflection, developmental coaching allows us to view complexities with greater clarity, and to vastly improve the quality of our conversations.

In current organisational climates - and indeed, within modern global cultures - these skills are paramount. Leaders in particular are required to understand the complexities and multiple perspectives within their teams, and to respond to these appropriately.

Developmental coaching is designed to generate a deeper understanding of your own beliefs and behaviours, and those of the people who constitute your 'system'. 

Career and Transition Coaching

Whilst change is inevitable, immunity to it is a natural human experience. Coaching in this domain draws on research-based techniques to help you understand the nature of the changes you are facing, and how you want to approach them. 


It also helps build strategies to move between phases such as career or relationship change, or shifts in stages of life. Sessions will focus on identifying your strengths and values, thus scaffolding your decisions to ensure they align with your core beliefs.

Clients undergoing ​career transition can also benefit from assistance in CV writing, interview skills, and general performance coaching, in order to help them transition into their next position.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching helps individuals build strategies to maintain focus whilst preventing disruption and discord in areas outside the performance domain.

Performance is not limited to the arts and sporting arenas. Delivering effective presentations, speaking confidently during meetings, and pitching to clients also fall under this banner. Within such activities, the quality of our performance both impacts, as impacted by, our broader context. 

Coaching helps to identify potential barriers to peak performance, and to build pre-performance, performance, and post-performance strategies to engender mastery of your craft.  

Academic Performance Coaching

Studying at university carries with it multiple challenges. Many students struggle with the basics of time management, which in turn can result in lower levels of confidence and increased feelings of stress and anxiety. Imposter syndrome - in which someone feels that they are not worthy or good enough - is also common within student populations today. Academic performance coaching provides assistance with these, plus many other obstacles to motivation and performance that arise within the tertiary education space.


With twenty years experience in teaching the skills of academic English, Renee also provides mentoring in academic writing. For more information on academic performance coaching, click here.  

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